Collection box of 4 AQUA chocolates. This is a nice present for chocolate lover, business partner or a friend, who has everything.
This is a joint musical-visual-tasting masterpiece. Take a bite of a chocolate, enjoy the music picture, and scan the QR code to dive into the sounds of "Swan Lake", "The Nutcracker", "Norma" and "La Traviata".
Aqua chocolate is made in Lithuania from the highest quality materials.

Gluten free.  Organic chocolate.

Aqua collection have been awarded the "A' Design Award Winner" in Packaging Design Category by the International Design Academy.
The A' Design Awards are the World's most influential and largest design awards, presented each year in Italy. With this award we received world-class recognition for quality, uniqueness and originality.

шоколад с музыкой LA TRAVIATA

"LA TRAVIATA" Dark chocolate with spices,
70% cacao

шоколад с музыкой SWAN LAKE

"SWAN LAKE" Milk chocolate with coffee,
50% cacao

шоколад с музыкой THE NUTCRACKER

"THE NUTCRACKER" Dark chocolate with lime and mint,
70% cacao

шоколад с музыкой NORMA

"NORMA" Dark chocolate with truffle,
70% cacao